A Special Thanks...

When Fuku Radio had reached out to Pandora Black We had a good feeling about the development process for Fuku Radio. 1 year later Fuku Radio has finally made a vision into a dream.

Fuku Radio is more than just a music provider service. It is a place for everyone who loves music whether you like rock, country, jazz, dance or whatever your genre, Fuku Radio will continue to add new features, services and much more.

When Pandora Black had jumped on board they knew exactly the direct approach we needed while Pandora Black had every aspect of our design in mind. After testing with various streaming services and alternative music resources Fuku Radio had finally found our niche on what makes us different from all the others.

We want to thank Pandora Black for the countless months, hours, testing, hardcoding and ongoing services they provide to Fuku Radio.

Pandora Black is truly a great web & design service and the founder has always been such an asset to us all!

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