• How do I pay for Premium:

    Simply go to "join Now" and select the premium plan, enter your credentials, credit card information and once processed, you will get a confirmation link.

  • Can I cancel anytime:

    Yes you can cancel at anytime however if you purchased the premium annual plan we do not offer refunds.

  • Do you sell or share my infotmaiton:

    No, we do not share or sell your registration information to third party companies or individual, private companies. We do however collect "cookies" on our site.

  • My station is not working:

    If you are having trouble with a station or listinging to a station, simply follow these steps.

    • Clear you browsers cache
    • Switch to another browser
    • submit a station report
    • The station may not be accessible
  • Do you track my playlists or views:

    No, we do not track your information or views of station ID's. We do track your progress when you enter a giveaway or sweepstakes for fairness purposes only.

  • Can I upload my own music or playlist:

    No, due to copyright laws you are not able or allowed to upload any music to our site. You can share playlist that you created on social media or among friends.

  • What if my language or country stations are not listed:

    If you have a specific genre or taste in another country or region, simply contact us and we will try and add your region or country along with the station ID's to the playlist.

  • I purchased a wearable, can I return it:

    if you purchased a T-shirt or wearable product from Fuku Radio and we sent you the wrong size or color, simply request a return. You must have proof of purchase and the wearable must not have been worn or used.

  • Can I add my playlists to my website:

    No, we do not allow our digital broadcast or content to be placed within or on your personal, blog or website.

  • Is there an age requirement to join:

    Yes, you must be at 18 years of age.

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