A new alternative for music

Fuku Radio is a new alternative to streaming music. Why pay for individual premium memberships to other streaming music services when you could pay for one  and get all the genres of music and more for under $10.00 annually? We want you to experience a whole new way of listening for only $1.00 per month.

Not only do you get great music 24/7 but access to live events, like sweepstakes, special promotions and shop discounts but you also get access to your own personal channel with premium.

So how can we do this? 

Fuku Radio was founded by a former Radio DJ who's long vision was to bring music to the world for everyone while making it affordable at the same time. While there are so many "pay to play"  services on the internet eventually you will realize how expensive it becomes every month for each of them.

Fuku Radio has a dedicated team of developers & musicians that could make it all possible while making it simple at the same time.

We look forward to having you join as a member where you can use our service on any devices, anytime and anywhere you have internet access or wireless access.


Welcome to Fuku Radio

Team Fuku

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